Help spread MODX around the world

MODX Ambassadors have earned a special spot in the MODX Community—they love and do all they can to share MODX with the world. They were chosen because they have demonstrated an enthusiasm for helping spread MODX awareness, and made a commitment to continue doing so in the future, and adhere to the Contributor Code of Conduct.

What it takes to be an Ambassador

Ambassadors don’t have to be seasoned developers or have the presentation skills of Steve Jobs. They just have to be passionate about and committed to telling their local communities about MODX. Great activities to participate in include:

  • Write insightful articles about MODX either as guest posts on or your own blog, or
  • Organize a MODX Meet-up, or present about MODX at existing industry meet-ups, or
  • Really go all in and help organize or present at a MODXpo.

Of course manning the MODX Community Slack channel and participating actively in the forums is also a great way to go the extra mile, but the baseline activities above are easy to measure and create a fair framework for Ambassadors to self-govern ongoing qualification.

If you’re looking to get involved as a technical code contributor or as a translator, you can do that, too. Those activities are tremendously appreciated and recognized with every release of MODX, at our Crowdin translation project and in the Github issue tracker, separately from the Ambassador activities.

Apply to be a MODX Ambassador

Initial qualification

First, you have to apply.

We evaluate your activities in the 6 months prior to your application; you must have done the same type of activities as would be required to maintain your Ambassador status during that time (see the next section).

To be published in the directory, you have to be willing to speak to people as needed via a published email link, and provide a headshot image for the directory as well.

All Ambassadors must agree to conduct themselves by our code of conduct.

Maintaining Ambassador status

For those that meet the criteria for becoming an Ambassador, just keep doing what you have already done!

If you’re a writer, write an article every month, or guest post on the MODX site once a quarter. Speakers and meet-up organizers can do so by hosting quarterly get togethers, or presenting at a broader-industry ones. And for those that help organize or present at MODXpos can take it easy for half a year.

Activity Required Every 6 Months
Write on your blog
Publish a guest post on the blog
Host or speak at meet-ups on MODX
Host or speak at MODXpo

Logging your activity in a public activity tracker is done via a simple Google Form. It is how you let other Ambassadors know you’re holding up to your commitment, and makes it fair for everyone.

We also understand life happens. If you’re not able to participate with as much frequency or dedication, three or more fellow Ambassadors can request you re-qualify to maintain your Ambassadorship. Once you’ve met the qualifying activity again, your application will be considered again.

Unfortunately those that can’t live up to the standards outlined in our code of conduct will be asked to move on immediately.

Ambassador benefits

MODX Ambassador receive special recognition on the MODX website and in the forums. This signifies to the broader MODX Community that you are leaders in the MODX Community, and a go-to person for finding out information about MODX.

Ambassadors also enjoy direct access to the team that manages MODX, and we’ll do our best to help you be successful. Ambassadors are free to mention their role as a MODX Ambassador in their marketing for their business, too.

The Ambassador Channel on the MODX Community Slack is a great place to conspire to greatness with other MODX Ambassadors.

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